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New Classes for December 2018 and January 2019!

Are you looking to end the year with a burst of great humanities classes or to start the new year off with a solid plan for reading, writing, and philosophy? I’ve got several newly-listed classes ready and waiting for your learners!

One-Time Classes

Are you looking for a class to see how you like online classes or to see how my teaching style might fit with your learner’s? Then these one-time classes are perfect! They’re low cost, low commitment, and a quick way to get a taste of what Dayla Learning provides. I’ve got two upcoming classes in December, which gives you a chance to try one (or both!) out before deciding if you’d like a longer class in January. (Or just take the short one. No pressure!)

  • Making the Writing Process Manageable
    This class is designed to help learners who feel overwhelmed with writing. If you have a writer who can sometimes get discouraged by the complexity of writing or who isn’t sure what step to take next when they begin to write, this class will help demystify the process and provide some helpful handouts they can take forward into future writing tasks. It’s primarily lecture-based with opportunities to ask questions and share experiences, so it’s also a great class for a learner who isn’t fully comfortable interacting in online classes yet.
    When– The next upcoming section will be on Tuesday, December 11, 2018 at 12pm (Central). 
    Cost– $12
    Sign Up- On Outschool
  • Dialects, Discourses, and Identities: How Language Shapes Who We Are
    This class is designed to be a fun and informative look at how our language is shaped by our past experiences and how, in turn, our language shape our future experiences with others. Students will be sent a link to a dialect quiz that maps their own dialect prior to class. This is a class that is about half and half between discussion and lecture, so students will get the most out of it if they are comfortable sharing their thoughts and experiences with the group.
    When– The next upcoming section will be Tuesday, December 18, 2018 at 1pm (Central). 
    Cost- $12
    Sign Up- On Outschool

Ongoing Live Classes

  • The Ethics of Robots (Research, Philosophy, and Critical Thinking)
    This is a multidisciplinary class that will ask students to read articles and watch videos on a variety of topics relating to the ethics of robots. Students will consider whether robots should have rights, if robots are a threat to human jobs, and what robots tell us about our own humanity. Over the course of this 4-week class, students will get the opportunity to choose specific topics to explore more deeply and share what they have learned with the class. They will also have reading quizzes to help focus their attention. Finally, there are additional links for supplemental exploration for any students who want to go even deeper into the topics.
    When– This class will meet live every Tuesday at 2pm (Central) from January 8 through January 29, 2019.
    Cost– $48
    Sign Up- On Outschool

Ongoing Flex Classes (No Live Meetings)

These classes are designed to be semester-long online classes that cover composition in a holistic way. In both of these classes, students will write multiple drafts of papers, receive detailed feedback (including video comments), interact with other students via message boards, take reading quizzes, and learn grammar rules and writing style tips. While the class has no live meetings, there are weekly due dates to keep students on track. Both classes are themed around a single non-fiction textbook (read why here).

  • Composition with Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers
    This class uses Malcolm Gladwell’s best-selling book Outliers to teach reading strategies, writing process, and surprising lessons about success. Students will write four papers themed around the topics from the book and supplemental reading assignments.
    When– The 12-week class begins on January 28 and ends on April 21. There are no live meetings. Assignments are released each Monday and due the following Sunday.
    Cost- $75
    Sign Up- On Outschool
  • Composition with Hope Jahren’s Lab Girl
    This is a brand new class, and I am so excited about it! (I wrote about why here). This book is a beautifully written (and brutally honest) tribute to the sciences as a profession and to botany as an amazing force in our natural world. The class will take an interdisciplinary approach that explores both the science and the technial aspects of writing. It would be an excellent class for science-minded learners who may need a foothold in their interests to get excited about writing, but it would also be a great class for enthusiastic writers who might need a nudge into the sciences.
    When- The 12-week class begins on January 28 and ends on April 21. There are no live meetings. Assignments are released each Monday and due the following Sunday.
    Cost- $75
    Sign Up- On Outschool

I am more than happy to answer any questions you have about these classes, so feel free to send me a message on Outschool or through this blog. I’d love the opportunity to work with your learners and get them excited about writing, language, and philosophy!

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